World Rivers Bulletin – 国际河流简报

World Rivers Bulletin was launched in 2009, and is International Rivers' Chinese language quarterly newsletter featuring articles on successes and challenges in the global movement to protect rivers, and news items of particular interest to Chinese audiences. The newsletter includes translations of articles from our English language publication, World Rivers Review, as well as new articles by guest authors. We distribute hard-copy and electronic versions of this publication to environmental groups, journalists, and researchers in China. You can read the bulletin by downloading editions below.

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国际河流简报 即现在的国际河流中文简报季刊创刊于2009年。 该刊主要刊登的内容包括:保护河流国际运动取得的成功和面临的挑战,中国读者关心的新闻报道。本简报刊登的文章内容有约稿,也有“国际河流”的英文出版物《国际河流评论》内容的中文翻译稿。我们向中国的环保组织、新闻记者、及研究人员寄送本刊的印刷版或电子版。您可通过下载以下刊次,阅读本简报内容。


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