Protect Human Rights in the Amazon - Justice Now!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brazilians and our allies around the world have launched the Belo Monte: Justice Now! campaign to appeal to Brazil’s judiciary. We're calling for Brazilian judges to urgently rule upon a slew of lawsuits against the dam that are currently stalled in its courts. If the rule of law is followed, these lawsuits could paralyze construction of the Belo Monte Dam. But by manipulating the legal system to defer judgment on these lawsuits for years, Dilma’s government is denying justice to indigenous people, traditional populations, and Brazilian society as a whole, allowing Belo Monte to be built at any cost.

We all – as citizens of the global community working to protect rivers and defend human rights – can change the course of this struggle. Please join us as we call on Brazil’s courts to judge the pending legal cases on the Belo Monte Dam.