The Eyes of the World are Once Again on Temaca

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The newly elected Governor of Jalisco Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval brought a renewed sense of hope to the communities of Temacapulín, Acasico and Palmarejo, when he announced via social media that “Jalisco should be the main beneficiary of the decisions [around El Zapotillo Dam] and not the one that suffers, we will not flood Temacapulín.” The Governor officially took office in March and it is now time for him to put these words into action.

Take action in solidarity with the communites of Temaca, Acasico and Palmarejo to demand that their voices be heard by the Governor.

  • Send the following letter to Governor Sandoval to ask that he:

  1. Formalize his promise at a meeting with residents of Temacapulín, Acasico and Palmarejo.
  2. Organize a dialogue between the federal government, state government, project proponents and communities within the basin to discuss the arguments around the unviability of El Zapotillo Dam, and the proposal for construction of a participatory and integrated water management system fot the state of Jalisco and the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.
  3. Have the federal and state governments present a technical study to ensure that any changes to El Zapotillo Dam project will not adversely affect the communities.

To take action:

  • Click “Contact the Governor”/ "Comunicate con el Gobernador"
  • Fill in your First Name (Nombre), Middle Name (Apellido materno), Last Name (Apellido paterno) and email address (Correo electrónico)

You can also show your support for the people of Temaca via Twitter and Facebook.

  • Twitter: Send the following message to Governor Sandoval: @AristotelesSD Temaca te espera. Los ojos del mundo estan en Temaca. (Translation: @AristotelesSD, Temaca is waiting for you. The eyes of the world are on Temaca.)
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