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Monday, February 28, 2011

Near the River in the Afternoon
Near the River in the Afternoon
by W. Sasina Navoda, age 10 (Sri Lanka), 2008 River of Words International Prize Winner

Here you will find links to educational and environmental groups that provide curriculum, tips, and other resources for educators relating to rivers, dams, and people. We provide this list to encourage you to further engage your students in river issues. 

  • Featured: Climate Change, Rivers and Dams: A Video Exploration, a lesson plan with extension exercises, video, slides, and additional resources to teach students what might happen to rivers in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Himalayas, and the Amazon when climate change and the current dam-building boom collide. 

    The links below are arranged by education level and then by topic: The Water Cycle, Rivers and Biomes, Rivers and People, and Protecting Rivers.

    • Introductory Learners: Ages 6-11 (US/Canada: Grades 1-5; International: Year 1-6; France: Cycle II-III), or students who are new to the topic.
    • Intermediate Learners: Ages 12-15 (US/Canada: Grades 6-9; International: Year 7-10; France: collège), or students who have some basic chemistry, biology, and geology background.
    • Advanced Learners: Ages 16-adult (US/Canada: Grades 10-college; International: Year 11+; France: lycée), or students who have a firm grasp of chemistry, biology, and geology concepts.
    • Additional Teacher Resources: Videos, citizen guides, general curriculum, and more!

    For questions regarding any of these materials, please send your inquiries to the individual groups.

    More information: