World Rivers Review – September 2012: Focus on Community Energy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A number of the challenges the world faces over the use of electricity can be better addressed by bringing the sources of energy back to the community level. Community-generated energy not only enables communities to make choices about how they get their electricity, but also has the potential to bridge the planet’s horrendous energy divide. At least 1.5 billion people have no access to electricity, and many live in remote communities that may never be connected to a national grid.

This special issue of World Rivers Review looks at ways that towns and villages around the globe are turning to locally owned renewable energy projects to bring light to their homes and local control over a critical resource.

What's inside

Commentary: A Shining Light

Community Energy overview: A look at some of the communities around the world that have taken over their energy supply, and how they are doing it.

China: Local activists work for locally sourced energy to fend off a nuclear plant planned for their community.

  • Microhydro: Huge potential for bridging Africa’s energy divide. Page 6
  • Solar: Two groups spreading the solar love in rural Africa, using unique models for distribution and operations.

India: Lessons learned from the world’s largest blackout.

Thailand: An independent energy plan proposes more energy efficiency and decentralized energy as an alternative to huge hydro dams.

Other stories:

Dams and Climate Change:

  • Reservoirs May Produce 20 Times More Methane Than Normal During Water ‘Drawdown’

Activist Profile: An Arizona artist who’s batty for rivers works to raise awareness about her local river, and the creatures that depend on it.

Plus News Briefs, Making Waves and more!