World Rivers Review: Focus on River Restoration – Dec. 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Special Focus on River Restoration

We talked with some of the world's best experts and advocates for dam removal to find out what lessons they have learned on this complex topic, and what hopes they have for reviving the world's dammed rivers. Read their answers to a few questions about what it takes to create a successful dam decommissioning campaign in our article Dam Removal: Learning from the Pros, and then click on the names of the River Restorers listed at the bottom of the page for more in-depth interviews. This issue also has articles on wetlands restoration in Iraq, Europe and Florida; the latest on dam removals on the Klamath River (California), the Sandy River (Oregon), and throughout Spain; and profiles of inspiring river-revival advocates from around the globe.

What's inside:

  • Klamath River: Dam removal takes a step forward
  • Commentary: An agenda for change
  • Making Waves: News and notes on the worldwide movement to protect rivers
  • Profiles: Meet river restorers from around the World
  • Oregon: Feeding a hungry river
  • Spain: Dam removal is on a roll
  • Danube River: Defending the most international river in the world
  • Iraq: Hope and renewal for the marshes
  • News Briefs: All the river news that's fit to print
  • Pakistan: Political approval for the Daimer-Bhasa Dam
  • India: New independent review documents Narmada Dam failures
  • Florida: Everglades restoration is ambitious, but slow
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