World Rivers Review: Focus on Climate Change - December 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will A River Still Run Through It?

The Copenhagen climate talks leave out a huge part of the story of climate change: its impact on our rivers. This issue of World Rivers Review focuses on what you need to know about rivers, water and climate change. "As far as water goes, climate change changes everything," writes our executive director in the issue's commentary. "Past experience of rainfall, snowfall, runoff and streamflow is no longer a reliable guide for the future. We'll all be affected, but especially small farmers and the poor and marginalized, who have the least ability to protect themselves against the depredations of droughts, floods and food shortages." Read the full commentary on why we need a health insurance plan for our water supply.

The issue also covers financing the transition to a sustainable future, the problem with carbon offset credits, how climate change is affecting Africa's rivers and why dams aren't the answer to the continent's development needs, and a photo spread of creative protests around the world calling for action to reverse global warming. Other articles include recent good news about the cancellation of a dam in Australia and the postponement of two dams in Mexico. 

Amazon: True costs of Belo Monte Dam revealed
Commentary: We need a water health insurance plan
Making Waves: News and notes on the worldwide movement to protect rivers
Finance: What will it take to make climate finance transformational?
Finance Primer: Select Existing Climate Finance Initiatives
Africa: It's the wrong climate for a dam boom on the water-stressed continent
Water Supply: How dams affect water supply in Africa
Map: An overview of the world's river climate hotspots
Taking Action: Creative actions on climate change are making a difference
Carbon Offsets: China's Xiaoxi Dam is under fire, but Germany is in the hot seat
News Briefs: All the river news that's fit to print
Fast Facts: Climate justice by the numbers
Mexico: La Parota and Arcediano dams postponed!

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