Hydro Equality

Fernando Lugo
Fernando Lugo Photo by Antônio Cruz, ABrThe victory by Fernando Lugo last Sunday in Paraguay´s presidential elections has sent ripples through the energy ministries of Brazil and Argentina, based upon his assertion that the Itaipu and Yacyretá Dam treaties must be re-negotiated to guarantee a fair deal for his country. Both bi-national dams were built during military dictatorships, where official corruption was the rule, rather than the exception. A former Paraguayan president reportedly made a fortune selling concrete for Itaipu which never existed. And, Yacyretá has so far cost ten

Yacyretá Dam

Home affected by flooding from Yacyretá
Yacyretá Dam on the Paraná River has been under construction since 1979. A battle has raged to increase the height of the reservoir, thus putting 80,000 people in danger of being flooded out. Investigations by the World Bank and Inter–American Development Bank have shown that authorities of the bi–national company EBY are unable to handle the devastating social dislocation that raising the reservoir would cause. Yacyretá is a textbook study in corruption, inefficiency, poor planning, and lack of respect for human rights and the environment. The project involves two governments and the W
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