Baglihar Dam

Comments on the Baglihar Hydropower Project (India)

Baglihar Dam
International Rivers Comments on the Baglihar Proposed CDM ProjectBaglihar Dam Shiva Nagri 1) The name of the project is never given in the PDD so that the identification of the project is unclear. The PDD should be reposted for public comment after information clearly identifying the project is included.In the PDD only the location of the project is given, the name is not given. Also, the project has two stages, and both are 450 MW. It is not clear from the PDD which stage is being proposed as the CDM project. Developers should be required to give information that is commonly expected for th

SANDRP Comments on the Baglihar Hydropower Project in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Friday, June 13, 2008
Comments on the proposal to give CDM credits to "Substitution of Hydro-electric power in the National Grid" Or BAGLIHAR Hydropower project in Jammu & Kashmir, IndiaHaving read the Project Design Document (PDD) and having been familiar with this project over the last few years, my comments on the proposal to CDM credits to this project are as follows. Broadly, this project is not using any new or imported technology that is not already being used in the project area. This project is also not additional, as the project implementation has started many years before the CDM projects came into e
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