Export Credit Agencies

Export credit agencies provide government credits and guarantees for private export contracts such as turbines and other machinery. Export credit agencies from industrialized countries have funded large dams for many decades. In recent years, agencies from developing countries such as China, Brazil, Thailand and India have joined them. Many export credit agencies do not have any meaningful environmental standards.

In some cases (such as the Three Gorges Dam in China and the Ilisu Dam in Turkey), export credit agencies are funding projects which other financiers did not dare to touch. In other cases (such as the Nam Theun 2 Dam in Laos), they provide funds in addition to the World Bank.

In cooperation with other NGOs, International Rivers works to stop export credit agencies from funding destructive dam projects, and promotes stricter environmental standards for these institutions.

More information: 
  • Visit ECA-Watch, the International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies