World Rivers Review, Vol. 20, No. 5 - Oct./Dec. 2005: Focus on WCD+5

Thursday, December 1, 2005

What's Inside:

Special Focus on WCD

Commentary: Facing "the difficulty of the plains" is the challenge for taking the WCD forward in the next five years. Page 2

Looking forward: A former WCD Commissioner comments on the cooperative process that resulted in the final report, factors that have slowed its adoption, and ways forward. Page 4

An African Perspective: Why the WCD would benefit Uganda. Page 6

Options Assessments: Making smart energy choices for the Mekong will require a clear look at various options, as recommended by the WCD. Page 8

Multistakeholder Processes:
Sweden brings their policies into WCD compliance. Page 14

Interview: Talking with the director of the Nigerian group Society for Water and Public Health Protection. Page 15

Articles on other topics

Energy efficiency: It's clean, cheap and ready for prime time. Page 1

Hurricanes: What happened in New Orleans? Page 3

News Briefs / In Print: Page 12-13

Ilisu Dam rises again. Page 14

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