Update from Rio: Strengthening the Alliance of River Defenders

Jason and Brent speak at the People’s Summit on debunking the myth of destructive dams as clean energy
Today was another action-packed and memorable day in Rio. In the morning, we co-organized an event at the People’s Summit on debunking the myth of destructive dams as clean energy. Soon after the meeting ended, we headed out to an adjacent beach at Aterro do Flamengo to participate in a human banner.

Tribes Occupy the Belo Monte Dam Work Site

Kayapó Warrior Readies for a Response at the Belo Monte Dam Occupation
Early this morning on the Xingu River outside of Altamira, an estimated 600 indigenous people from 21 tribes, as well as fishermen, occupied the construction site of the Belo Monte Dam, demanding a definitive end to the project. Events are very fluid on the ground, and internet has been out in the region, so information is coming in bit by bit. We know that early on, the mobilization declared their intent to not leave the site until the Belo Monte Dam was cancelled for good.

Landmark Vote Upholds Indigenous Rights on Belo Monte

The Xikrin Kayapó recently told Public Prosecutor Felicio Pontes about the government's lack of prior consultations
On Monday, federal judge Selene Maria de Almeida voted in a landmark opinion in Brazilian courts that the Belo Monte Dam licenses are illegal and must be cancelled due to what is now widely-accepted evidence that the Brazilian government did not hold proper consultations with indigenous tribes that would be affected by the project. De Almeida argued that while the dam reservoirs do not flood indigenous territories, the project's diversion of the Xingu River will directly impact the tribes' abilities to reproduce physically, culturally, and economically, as 80% of the Xingu River would be chann

Legality of Belo Monte is Built on a House of Cards

The Brazilian government has built a legal house of cards for Belo Monte
In June of this year in Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil, at the International Hydropower Association's bi-yearly Congress, Eletrobras Director Valter Cardeal declared: "All of the indigenous people, even the Kayapó who live upstream from the area of impacts, are in favor of Belo Monte." Cardeal made the declaration with a straight face, speaking to the audience of dam industry CEOs, financial officers, and government representatives who were probably ecstatic to hear such a development. Too bad it wasn't true. Sitting in the front row were indigenous leaders Sheyla Yakarepi Juruna and Patxon Metuk

Lame Duck Lula Pushes For Huge Amazon Dam

Monday, June 7, 2010
Unfazed by entrenched environmental opposition, a threat of war by local indigenous groups, and celebrity lobbying by a handful of Hollywood stars, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is putting the pedal to the metal on a controversial hydroelectric project slated for the country’s Amazon jungle region. Planned for the Xingu River, a major tributary of the Amazon River, the Belo Monte Dam project promises to add a staggering 11,200 megawatts of electricity to Brazil’s grid. Once completed, it would be the world’s third-largest hydroelectric complex after the Three Gorges Dam

The Kayapo Continue Blockades in Protest of the Belo Monte Dam

For Immediate Release May 21, 2010 The Kayapo Continue Blockades of Amazon Highway for the 28th Straight Day in Protest of the Belo Monte DamBrazil's Indigenous Peoples Vow to Block Dam Construction or "Die Fighting for our Rights"Piaraçu, Xingu National Park, Brazil - A group of Kayapo indigenous people led by Chief Megaron Txukarramãe have been blockading the Xingu River crossing of the BR-80 - a major Amazon highway in Mato Grosso State - since April 23 in protest of the government's plans to build the massive Belo Monte Dam. Dozens of Kayapo warriors have been blocking the ferry crossing

The Avatar Sequel: Damming Pandora

Living on Pandora
Living on Pandora March 30, 2164. - I have spent a lot of time on Pandora lately. I have explored its verdant valleys, lush rain forests, and floating mountains. I have tried to stay away from the ferocious aynantang and aypalulukan. And I have fallen in love with the mighty rivers and waterfalls, which cascade down sheer cliffs and which you may have admired in the Avatar movie. I am not the only Earthling who has been attracted to the rivers of Pandora. Ten years after their defeat by the Hometree, the Resources Development Administration is back on the blue moon. The Corporation has ove

Las tribus amazónicas luchan por mantener vivo al río Xingu

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Durante cinco días este mayo, cientos de grupos tribales de los sitios más remotos de la cuenca amazónica se reunieron a protestar contra el plan de construir grandes presas en el río Xingu, tributario más grande del Amazonas. Era como estar en las Naciones Unidas de los pueblos indígenas. Representantes de Kayapó, Parakanã, Assurini y otros grupos indígenas llegaron luciendo la pintura ceremonial de genipapo (negro) y urucum (rojo) con adornos de plumas. Algunos viajaron distancias de hasta mil millas para asistir a la reunión. Los pueblos indígenas de la región vieron en esta reu

Amazon Tribes Fight to Keep the Xingu Alive

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
For five days in May, hundreds of tribal people from the far reaches of the Amazon Basin came together to protest plans for huge dams on the Xingu River, the largest tributary of the Amazon. It was like being at a United Nations of indigenous peoples. Representatives from the Kayapó, Parakanã, Assurini and other indigenous groups arrived ceremonially adorned with genipapo (black) and urucum (red) bodypaint and feather adornments. Some traveled as far as 1,000 miles to attend the meeting. The indigenous peoples of the region viewed the meeting with officials in Altamira as a critical moment t

Document of the Indigenous Peoples of the Xingu Basin

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
(presented to a federal judge in Altamira) We, representatives of the indigenous communities of the Xingu River basin, Kayapó da Aldeia Kriny, kayapó do Bacajá Xikrin, Kayapó de Las Casas, Kaiapó de Gorotire, Kayapó Kubenkrãkênh, Kayapó Moikarakó, Kayapõ Pykarãrãkre, Kayapó Kendjâm, Kayapó Kubenkàkre, Kayapó Kararaô, Kayapó Purure, Kayapó Tepore, Kayapó Nhàkin, Kayapo Bandjunkôre, Kayapó Krânhãpari, Kayapó Kawatire, Kayapó Kapot, Kayapó Metyktire, Kayapó Piaraçu, Kayapó Mekrãnoti, Kayapó Pykany, Kayapó da Aldeia Aukre, Kayapó da Aldeia Kokraimoro, Kayapo B


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