Document of the Indigenous Peoples of the Xingu Basin

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

(presented to a federal judge in Altamira)

We, representatives of the indigenous communities of the Xingu River basin, Kayapó da Aldeia Kriny, kayapó do Bacajá Xikrin, Kayapó de Las Casas, Kaiapó de Gorotire, Kayapó Kubenkrãkênh, Kayapó Moikarakó, Kayapõ Pykarãrãkre, Kayapó Kendjâm, Kayapó Kubenkàkre, Kayapó Kararaô, Kayapó Purure, Kayapó Tepore, Kayapó Nhàkin, Kayapo Bandjunkôre, Kayapó Krânhãpari, Kayapó Kawatire, Kayapó Kapot, Kayapó Metyktire, Kayapó Piaraçu, Kayapó Mekrãnoti, Kayapó Pykany, Kayapó da Aldeia Aukre, Kayapó da Aldeia Kokraimoro, Kayapo Bau, Kayapó Kikretum, Kayapó Kôkôkuêdja, Mrotidjam Xikrin, Potikrô Xikrin, Djudjekô Xikrin, Cateté Xikrin, Ôodja Xikrin, Parakanã da aldeia Apyterewa e Xingu, Akrãtikatejê, Parkatejê, Munduruku, Araweté, Kuruwaia, Xipaia, Asurini, Arara da aldeia Laranjal e Cachoeira Seca, Arara do Maia da terra Alta, Panará, Juruna do Kilômetro 17,Tembé, Kayabi, Yudja, Kuikuro, Nafukua, Kamaiurá, Kalapalo, Waurá, Trumai, Xavante, Ikpeng, together with other indigenous peoples of Brazil are committed to defending the Xingu River and its tributaries against dams and other energy projects that are being planned for construction here.

We would very much like for the federal justice system to be sensitive to this request from the indigenous communities, because we do not accept the construction of dams on our river. We take this action in a definitive and permanent way. We also want to say that we are not going to lose any more of our land, because we know that these dam projects never brought, and will never bring any benefits for our communities, as well as those of river bank dwellers, fishermen, and small farmers living on the banks of the Xingu River.

These projects only bring misery, destruction, and death. If you do not succeed in stopping this project, we, the indigenous peoples of the Xingu Basin will be willing to enter the work sites and halt them in this way.

No matter what happens, we indigenous peoples will die defending our lives, our resources, and our lands. We say to you that there will be conflicts between the dam builders and the indigenous peoples, if you do not halt these projects.

We are tired of listening and not being heard. We are tired of hearing about threats from dam construction on the big bend of the Xingu River. We are not acting only in defense of the Xingu River, but in defense of the rivers of Amazonia: home of our indigenous peoples.

Altamira (Pará state), 21 May, 2008.