World Rivers Review, Vol. 21, No. 5 - October 2006

Sunday, October 1, 2006

What's Inside:

Indus Delta: Farmers, fisherfolk and NGOs are fighting a manmade water crisis, which threatens the environmental and economic survival of the Indus Delta. Page 1

Commentary: Big Hydro has discovered sustainability. Page 2

Amazon: International Rivers joins a spiritual quest to raise awareness about the plight of the Amazon. Page 3

Zambezi: Can dams play a role in restoring the delta of one of Africa's biggest rivers? An interview with Rich Beilfuss. Page 4

Planned dams on the Salween could devastate ethnic peoples in the war zone, and the natural resources on which they depend. Page 6

Fisheries: Community based research is helping dam-affected communities in Thailand. Page 7

Human Rights: Dam activists are under threat around the world. Page 8

Talking with local villagers on plans to dam the Nu River. Page 10

Mexico: A lone woman stands between her village and an ill-conceived water dam for Guadalara. Page 11

News Briefs: News and notes from around the world. Page 12

Australia: Citizens stand up to protect the Mary River in Queensland. Page 14

Sudan: Merowe dam authorities plan to push affected people into an inhospitable desert. Page 16