World Rivers Review, Vol. 20, No. 4 - August 2005: 20th Anniversary Issue

Monday, August 1, 2005

What's Inside:

Cover story: International Rivers is no longer a teenager, but still has the energy of one – and much more we want to accomplish. Page 1

Looking Back: Proud moments in International Rivers's 20 years defending rivers and rights. Page 2

Take Action
: What you can do to help maintain healthy rivers. Page 3

Voices for Rivers and Rights: Essays from our colleagues around the world on the global struggle for rivers and rights, and their visions for the future. Page 4

Time for Rivers: 20 years of building a movement – a timeline of International Rivers’s 20-year history. Page 8

China: Will China's Rivers Survive the Next 20 Years? A snapshot of what is in store for the world's most dam-hungry country. Page 12

Water Visionaries: Essays by two of the world's major water visionaries. Page14