World Rivers Review, Vol. 20, No. 3 - June 2005

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

What's Inside:

Dam Safety: Increasing floods have led to a rash of dam failures in recent months. Are dams getting less safe? A primer about dam safety, and what should be done to improve the situation. Page 1

Commentary: It’s extreme not to be green: the implications of a new UN report on biodiversity and ecosystem health. Page 2

Uganda: The government has chosen a developer for Bujagali Dam. Page 3

Laos: The World Bank approves Nam Theun 2, a project that would have been much worse without the efforts of NGOs. Page 4

Interview: Talking with a team of scientists who have been documenting the impacts of damming on the world’s major rivers. Page 6

In Print: A major new book on dams and the WCD, and a new film on the Biobio dams in Chile. Page 10

News Briefs: News and notes from around the world. Page 12

India: Energy efficiency offers great promise. Page 14