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Temaca’s Children at Rivers for Life 3

Gibran with his tile of the Chinese flag
Gibran with his tile of the Chinese flag On the chilly Friday evening when many of the international delegates arrived for Rivers for Life 3 in Temacapulín, they were greeted not only by the meeting's coordinators, but also by many of the shorter residents of the town – Temaca's children.One of the boys, Gibran, had been practicing huanying (欢迎), or welcome, for weeks, in preparation for his big role as a greeter for the Chinese delegation. Evidence of the kids' excitement and cultural awareness was everywhere in the town, from the international flags hanging on the walls

OAS may recommend the suspension of Belo Monte

Thursday, November 11, 2010
Entities sent today (11) a document that alleges violations of international treaties in the project and threats to indigenous and riverine communities of the Xingu River; OAS will demand explanations and may request the State to stop the licensing process

 The Organization of American States (OAS) today (Thursday, November 11) a document denouncing the irregularities in the bidding process and the impacts on indigenous and riverine communities that are affected by the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, in Pará.  Signed by the Xingu Forever Alive Movement, by other organi

International Day of Action to Cancel Zapotillo - November 10

Protest at El Zapotillo Dam Site
Protest at El Zapotillo Dam Site Thank you to everyone who took action on November 10th.Please see the Report Back From International Day of Action for information, photos and videos of actions taken around the world. During Rivers for Life 3, the residents of Temacapulín called for an international day of solidarity to stop El Zapotillo Dam on November 10, 2010. They are asking communities and NGOs to organize peaceful actions at their nearest Mexican Embassy or Consulate to demand the cancellation of this destructive project. El Zapotillo Dam is being constructed on the Río Verde in Me

Declaration of Temaca

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Endorsed at Rivers for Life: The 3rd International Meeting of Dam Affected People and their AlliesTemacapulín, Mexico, 1-7 October 2010Solidarity With Temacapulín, Acasico and Palmarejo We, more than 320 people from 54 countries throughout the world affected by dams, fighters against destructive dams, and activists for ecological and equitable water and energy management, self-determination of peoples, defense of territories, environmental and climate justice, and respect for human rights, have come together in Temacapulín. We have met in a town that is threatened with inundation by the El

Global Grassroots Movement in Action at “Rivers for Life”

Rivers for Life meeting in Temacapulin
Rivers for Life meeting in Temacapulin Imagine a mixture of a dam protest, legal seminar, solar panel installation and river dance. Imagine hundreds of grassroots activists from all around the world coming together in a remote rural community for five days of discussions, skill-shares and parties. This is what just happened at the “Rivers for Life 3” meeting in Temacapulin, Mexico. Read this eyewitness report by an inspired and exhausted participant.The world of dam building is changing rapidly. Renewable energy technologies have seen their breakthrough, while climate change is turning t

River Defenders Gather in Mexico as Scientists Warn of Global River Crisis

This week I join hundreds of activists traveling to rural Mexico to attend Rivers for Life 3, a global gathering of people whose livelihoods and communities have been harmed or are threatened by destructive dams. Hailing from river-based communities from the Amazon to the Zambezi, the participants are the first-defenders of healthy rivers, and the first to feel the effects of poor river management.

Da Vinci and the Art of Water

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) "The body of the earth is of the nature of a fish...because it draws water as its breath instead of air," said the Italian painter, scientist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci. Block that flow of life with a massive concrete dam, or clog it with a thick solution of toxic chemical and organic pollution, and the earth grows sick. This is not just poetic metaphor, but reality for communities living along the Mekong, the Amazon, the Omo River, and so many others. Da Vinci went beyond poetics as well and compared the human body's vascular

Mixed Grade for Water Diversion Relocation

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Originally published in the WSJ Blog China Real Time Report Environmental advocacy group International Rivers gives a mixed grade to China's biggest resettlement project since at least 1.2 million people were moved to make way for the Three Gorges reservoir. Some 330,000 people are being relocated to expand the Danjiangkou Reservoir in central China's Hubei province as part of a massive and controversial project to divert water from southern China along three canals to the north. The South-to-North Water Transfer Project is estimated to cost $62 billion - far more than even the Three


Wednesday, August 25, 2010
耗资620亿美元的南水北调工程是中国历史上规模最大的水利工程。在中线工程的源头丹江口水库,由于大坝的加高和水面扩张,33万人正在经历移民搬迁。8月25日,国际河流组织(International Rivers)发布了关于中国正在进行中的这一移民工程的实地调研报告。报告发现,中国政府吸取了三峡工程移民的经验教训,但现行的移民政策仍然存在重要的问题。 本报告由一位熟悉丹江口地区的中国发展问题专家匿名撰写。报告发现,中国政府从三峡工程移民所

最新报告: 移民进行时

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
耗资620亿美元的南水北调工程是中国历史上规模最大的水利工程。在中线工程的源头丹江口水库,由于大坝的加高和水面扩张,33万人正在经历移民搬迁。8月25日,国际河流组织(International Rivers)发布了关于中国正在进行中的这一移民工程的实地调研报告。报告发现,中国政府吸取了三峡工程移民的经验教训,但现行的移民政策仍然存在重要的问题。 下载指南丹江口照片新闻稿本报告由一位熟悉丹江口地区的中国发展问题专家匿名撰写。报告发现:


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