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World Rivers Review, Vol. 20, No. 5 - Oct./Dec. 2005: Focus on WCD+5

What's Inside: Special Focus on WCD Commentary: Facing "the difficulty of the plains" is the challenge for taking the WCD forward in the next five years. Page 2 Looking forward: A former WCD Commissioner comments on the cooperative process that resulted in the final report, factors that have slowed its adoption, and ways forward. Page 4 An African Perspective: Why the WCD would benefit Uganda. Page 6 Options Assessments: Making smart energy choices for the Mekong will require a clear look at various options, as recommended by the WCD. Page 8 Multistakeholder Process

Analyzing Bujagali Dam Against the WCD

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
International Rivers analyzed the Bujagali Hydroelectric Project’s compliance with the decision-making framework of the World Commission on Dams. The project will need to comply with the WCD framework if the developer intends to sell carbon credits to the European market. The analysis shows that the project fails to fully comply with most of the strategic priorities outlined in the WCD report. Key findings of the report include: Lake Victoria: The world’s second largest lake is now being drained by the release of excessive water through existing dams in violation of an agreement d

Taking the WCD Report to the Next Level: Conference Report

The World Commission on Dams' recommendations have gained widespread acceptance in the five years since the WCD released its final report. This positive trend was impressively documented at "Taking the WCD Report to the next level", an international conference to mark the fifth anniversary of the WCD report in November 2005 in Berlin, Germany, organized by International Rivers in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation. More than 80 decision-makers, activists, development experts and private sector participants gathered to discuss the progress in the large dams debate in t

Minister Tritten’s Response to NGOs on La Esperanza/WCD

Monday, December 13, 2004
From: Jürgen TrittenFederal MinisterMember of the Bundestag Dear Mr. Maier, dear Jürgen, Thank you very much for your letter dated 26 November regarding the CDM project "La Esperanza" in Honduras. On behalf of the non–governmental organisations working in the German NGO Forum on Environment and Development you strongly lobby for compliance with the rules of the World Commission on Dams (WCD). In my view, the WCD rules are a major improvement in shaping environmental standards for hydropower projects, reasonably including sustainability into the evaluation. In the future it will be importan

NGO Letter to German Environment and Development Ministers

Friday, November 26, 2004
To: Minister Jürgen TrittenFederal Minister for Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety Ms. Heidemarie Wieczorek–ZeulFederal Minister for Development Cooperation Dear Minister Tritten,Dear Minister Wieczorek–Zeul, We are writing to express our concern at an apparent breach of German CDM policy that requires hydro projects from which Germany sources Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) to be compliant with the standards outlined in the 2000 Final Report of the World Commission on Dams (WCD). In February 2003 the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) published standards for CDM and

Assessing Options, Meeting Needs

Monday, December 1, 2003
A key “Strategic Priority” of the World Commission on Dams addressed the need to greatly improve the often secretive and corrupt processes which lead to decisions to build large dams. Critics of large dams have long called for water and energy planning to be made more participatory, accountable and comprehensive. A recent workshop showed that at least some of those involved in building and funding large dams agree that past and current planning practices are inadequate and that we must move toward the types of options assessment processes outlined in the WCD’s report. The workshop w

Comments on ADB's Planned Responses to the Report of the World Commission on Dams

Thursday, June 20, 2002
June 2002 General comments International Rivers appreciates the generally positive response of the Asian Development Bank to the World Commission on Dams report. We note the commitments to follow-up action expressed in President Chino's letter of 22 December 2000 to Prof. Kader Asmal, Chair of the WCD, and in the comments made by Preben Nielsen at the third meeting of the WCD Forum in February 2001. We also appreciate ADB's efforts at disseminating and discussing the WCD report in member countries. International Rivers finds ADB's Planned Responses to Report of the World Commission on Dams to

Public Consultation and Participation in the Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project in the Lao PDR

Sunday, February 27, 2000
This paper was prepared as a submission to the Fourth Regional Consultation of the World Commission on Dams in Hanoi.


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