Salween River

The invisible costs of the Salween dam project

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Article from The Nation: A special Op-Editorial Pianporn Deetes is a campaigner for the Living River Siam-Southeast Asia Rivers Network. The Salween River is set to become a new source of energy for Thailand. The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat), has been touting at least five dam projects on the Salween River inside Burma and along the Thailand-Burma border as potentially enormous sources of "cheap" energy. Still, there are unseen costs behind the electricity that have not been fully taken into account by those promoting the dam projects. Environmentally, the cos

Damming Burma’s War Zone: Proposed Salween Dams Cement Military Control Over Ethnic Peoples

Sunday, October 1, 2006
The Salween River - Southeast Asia's longest undammed river - supports a wealth of biological and cultural diversity. Its rich natural resources support up to 10 million people from its headwaters in China to its estuary in Mon State, Burma. But its days as a productive natural lifeline may be numbered in Burma, where the repressive military dictatorship is conspiring with the Thai government, Thai investors and Chinese dam builders to build a series of large dams in civil war zones in Burma. The dam cascade, secretly negotiated over the past decade, will be built in an area where peoples

Knowledge is Power

Sunday, October 1, 2006
Community-based research in Thailand, known as Thai Baan research, is reinventing the way that villagers and decision-makers perceive and value local knowledge and experience. Thai Baan means villager. The Thai Baan method enables local people to take responsibility for understanding and revealing knowledge about their relationship with natural resources because, from conception to dissemination, villagers themselves are the principal researchers. Thai Baan research has been effectively applied by communities threatened by the development of dams, and those looking for better ways to manage th


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