The Green Climate Fund

At a Dirty Energy Crossroads

The Green Climate Fund must be a vehicle for a fundamental shift in global energy lending to ensure a transformation to low-carbon and climate-resilient energy sources that are universally accessible for all people by 2030.

We endorse the call from civil society in the global south for "no financing of dirty energy in the Green Climate Fund!"

Coal, oil, gas, destructive dams, nuclear power, and unsustainable bioenergy and waste-to-energy projects have displaced millions of people, undermined livelihoods, destroyed ecosystems, fueled climate change and weakened the climate resilience of the world's poor. The electricity generated by these projects has favored large corporations over residential consumers, and affluent consumers over poor ones. 

Better solutions are readily available to slow climate change and end energy poverty. Across the world, energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy are often cheaper options than large, centralized energy infrastructure.

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Download our Clean vs. Dirty Infographics:
RERED Program, Bangladesh, vs. Drax Biomass Power Station, UK
RERED Program, Sri Lanka, vs. Inga III Dam, DRC
Rural Electrification Project, Peru, vs. Tata Mundra Coal Plant, India