World Rivers Review: Focus on Dam Standards - June 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Edited by Lori Pottinger

A Higher Standard for Dam Projects

Since the World Commission on Dams (WCD) issued its groundbreaking report in 2000, governments, institutions and civil society around the world have taken up the challenge of adapting its recommendations to their local context. This issue on dam standards examines where these efforts have been successful, and where more work needs to be done. As our senior policy analyst, Shannon Lawrence, notes in the commentary, "We know how to do it: the WCD framework provides the road map. What we're lacking are the political will and the long-term vision to make it happen." Read the full commentary on what the road towards better dams, healthier environments, and stronger communities looks like.

This special issue also looks at China's budding efforts to adhere to standards, the dam industry's proposed scorecard system for rating dams, and specific cases where the WCD recommendations are being put into practice.

Gibe 3: China's biggest bank gets involved in the destructive Gibe 3 Dam in Ethiopia.
: Yes we can make dams better – and we know how to do it.
Making Waves: News and notes on the worldwide movement to protect rivers.
Interview: A panel of dam experts lend their insights into the dams controversy 10 years later.
Canada: New hydro partnerships between First Nations indigenous peoples and the dam industry have a mixed record.
Industry: The hydro industry's latest attempt to greenwash dams falls flat. A look at a plan to have dam builders rate their own projects.
China: Will China's influence on global dam standards result in a race to the bottom?
Case Studies: Five examples from around the world show how to avoid the worst impacts on large dam projects.
Uganda: A multi-stakeholder forum brings Uganda closer to achieving WCD recommendations.
Kenya: Heavily dam-dependent Kenya offers a model for better options assessment.
Ghana: A national dams forum is leading to increased focus of dam building on affected people.
News Briefs: All the river news that's fit to print.
Activists: Defenders of rivers and rights make a big splash during this year's International Day of Action.
Sudan: A German company faces charges on dam abuses on the Merowe project.

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