China's Environmental Footprint in Africa

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Along with its economic presence, China has rapidly expanded its environmental footprint in Africa. An important objective of China's Africa strategy is to extract natural resources which have so far not been accessible. Such resources are often located in fragile ecosystems and countries plagued by corruption and conflict. As a long-term partner in Africa's development, China has an interest in addressing the environmental impacts of its projects. The Chinese government has issued guidelines on the impacts of overseas investments, but will need to strengthen them further.

China's Environmental Footprint in Africa examines China's Africa strategy, and analyzes similarities and differences with the Western approach.<--break-> The paper elaborates the environmental impacts of China's strategy, describes the evolving response of the Chinese government, and identifies challenges for actors in Africa, China, and the West.

The report was published as a Policy Briefing by the South African Institute for International Affairs, and as a Working Paper by Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies. It is also available in Chinese.