Brazil Announces the End of Mega-Dams in the Amazon | International Rivers Statement

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Protesters in the Amazon
Protesters in the Amazon
Photo courtesy of Amazon Watch

The Brazilian government has announced it will stop building mega-dams in the Amazon, according to reports in the Brazilian newspaper O Globo and in an article published today in Mongabay.

Kate Horner, Executive Director of International Rivers, said, “If confirmed, this announcement is a major victory for indigenous peoples, activists and river communities in Brazil. The Brazilian government’s announcement validates what scientists, indigenous activists and economists have long known: that these costly, corrupt hydropower projects are destroying lives, livelihoods and the vibrant ecosystem of the Amazon, the lungs of the planet. Brazil can meet its energy needs without mega-dams, and now it will finally get the chance. It’s imperative that Brazil protects its rivers and vast biodiversity, which are increasingly fragile in an era of climate change.”

Please read our press release  about this news.