Make 2012 the Year For River Advocates

Kate Ross

My colleague Lori Pottinger recently published an inspiring piece in Al Jazeera entitled "Rivers must flow: The case against big dams." In the conclusion of her article, she reflects that "finding ways to become an advocate for a river near you in 2012 would be a good way to celebrate the new year!"

Lori's comment is the perfect call to action for the March 14 International Day of Action for Rivers, which is not just a day to celebrate the world's rivers, but also to celebrate the world's river advocates. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to speak out and advocate for our rivers and watersheds.

This March 14, Keep Our Rivers Free

The International Day of Action for Rivers connects communities and individuals around the world; amplifying the sounds of protests against destructive river development projects, raising awareness about the dangers of greenwashing large dams, elevating the call for truly sustainable ways of meeting community needs for water and energy, and uniting ever growing cries in support of our life-giving rivers!

March 14 is a day to tell the world what our rivers and watersheds mean to us and above all, it is a day to show the world that a healthy planet needs healthy rivers.

Advocating for your river can take on many forms, and you too can participate in the International Day of Action for Rivers. This March 14, celebrate with hundreds of communities and individuals around the world to help keep our rivers free. Free from destructive dams, free from corporate greenwashing and free for the millions of people who depend on them.

Planning is already underway for the fifteenth International Day of Action for Rivers. International Rivers' staff are organizing events to combat the greenwashing of destructive dams at the World Water Forum in Marseille.

Local villagers and civil society from China, Thailand and Burma will gather on March 14 along the Salween River for a ceremony to honor the entire Salween/Nu River Basin, and In Nigeria, River Ethiope Trust Foundation and Living River Africa will hold a lecture on "Rivers, Climate Change and the Future of Humanity."

This March 14, keep your river free by taking part in the International Day of Action for Rivers!

Email us at if you have any questions, need materials for your action, or want to share with us what you have got planned. We look forward to hearing from you!

To help inspire your planning, take a look back at the many memorable events which have been held in honor of the International Day of Action for Rivers:

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