World Rivers Review – Dec. 2013: Focus on Arts and Activism

Monday, December 2, 2013

Protecting rivers and communities from the ravages of large dams tends to involve brainy pursuits: there’s often a heavy focus on policy and political issues, and on designing strategic campaigns to stop destructive river projects and promote better options. While these efforts play a very important role in countering the powerful forces that threaten our rivers, the global river protection movement is also working to change hearts as well as minds. Around the world, groups are using the arts to reach people’s hearts and to promote a vision of water and energy for everyone, and a respect for rivers and the life, livelihoods and traditions tied to them. As one artist told us, “Art is a megaphone to project our side of the story.”

In this issue we hear from a wide range of groups who are using creativity to educate and build community for healthy rivers. This special issue of World Rivers Review includes interviews, art works and essays by artist-activists using art, music, poetry and film to create social change.   

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What’s Inside:

  • Commentary: Reflections on the power of art to inspire and unite
  • Day of Action: Creative highlights from past March 14 events for rivers
  • Poetry: River stories, storied rivers; an essay by poet Robert Hass
  • Interviews: Insights from artist-activists working in uniquely creative ways
  • Muralism: A Colombia community’s artful fight against El Quimbo Dam
  • Graphic Storytelling: The Beehive Design Collective’s unique approach to social change

Also in this issue:

Plus News Briefs, Making Waves, In Print and more!