The Zambezi River, Drained Bone Dry

Where Mongu and the Zambezi floodplain meet – 25 kilometers from the river’s main channel.
The Zambezi River, and its dense network of tributaries and associated wetland ecosystems, constitutes one of southern Africa's most important natural resources. But climate change and dams threaten its life-giving abundance.

The Tonga, the Kariba Dam, and the Angry God (Video)

Friday, December 13, 2013
International Rivers' Africa Program Director Rudo Sanyanga tells a powerful story about the Tonga people of the Zambezi River. Learn more about our work and the Zambezi. Please tell us the story of you and your river through prose, poetry or artwork, in an email or by mail. We would also love to receive short videos or audio recordings of your stories. Send submissions to

Returning to the Zambezi After 20 Years

Along side the Zambezi River
It’s been 20 years to the month since I was last bobbing down the swift current of the Zambezi River. The rafting companies that earned a living plying the whitewater below Victoria Falls knew those Class 5 rapids so well, they even placed a photographer where I – and about five others – were launched out the front of our raft and into the river.
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