Washington, DC: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century

Date:     Friday, October 30, 2015 from 9:30am to 12:30pm
Venue:  Oxfam, 1101 17th St, NW #1300

In the face of the global challenges of energy poverty and climate change, renewable energy options like wind and solar can play a major role in powering rapidly developing countries. Coal and large hydropower projects – often considered the primary options to address growing energy demand – entail significant impacts to the climate, local environments and communities, and are often not well suited to deliver energy to those who need it most.

With renewable options like wind and solar now competitive in a growing number of countries, new challenges and opportunities have arisen for how to harness these resources to power rapidly developing economies, integrate them into regional electricity markets, and sustainably deliver energy access for those who lack it. Join us for a conversation about these challenges and opportunities.

The event marks increasing cooperation between groups working on fossil fuels, dams, and development, and will feature new research from UC-Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group on strategies to integrate high shares of abundant solar and wind resources into power grids in Africa.


  • Grace Wu and Ranjit Deshmukh, UC-Berkeley Energy & Resources Group
  • Joshua Klemm, International Rivers
  • Maura Cowley, Sierra Club
  • Sasanka Thilakasiri, Oxfam America

Note: RSVP is required. Please RSVP to ang@OxfamAmerica.org