Tell Mongolian Parliament to Protect Rivers from Mining

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Mongolia is a poor country with a pristine environment and nomadic traditions that now faces rapid industrialization fueled by foreign investment in mineral extraction. The Law “to prohibit mineral exploration and mining operations at headwaters of rivers, water protection zones and forested areas,” popularly known as the “Law with Long Name” was drafted and promoted by representatives of local communities severely affected by gold mining. Adopted in 2009, the law protects 25% of Mongolian natural ecosystems from destruction by mining and is an essential safeguard as the country undergoes a mining boom.
Mining threatens to destroy Mongolia's rivers
Mining threatens to destroy Mongolia's rivers

In the summer 2013, the Government of Mongolia – seduced by corrupted officials – proposed to cancel the implementation of this law in exchange for a promise from mining corporations to increase production of gold mined in riverbeds.
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