Factsheet: Pöyry's Role in the Xayaburi Dam Controversy

Kirk Herbertson
Monday, February 25, 2013

Finnish engineering company Pöyry has become embroiled in a high profile water dispute between four governments in Southeast Asia. The dispute focuses on the Xayaburi Dam, which Laos and Thailand are building on the Mekong River despite the concerns of downstream countries. This factsheet describes how Pöyry’s participation in the project has fueled the dispute.

  • Why is the Xayaburi Dam controversial?
  • What is Pöyry's role in the project?
  • Why are scientists so concerned with Pöyry's work?
  • Did Pöyry intervene in diplomatic discussions?
  • Did Pöyry have a conflict of interest?
  • Have any experts supported Pöyry's work?
  • Why scrutinize Pöyry when it is not the lead project developer?
  • Can Pöyry be penalized for its role in the Xayaburi project?
  • What would a more responsible company have done?