World Rivers Review: Focus on Renewable Energy - March 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Future of Energy is Getting Greener (And Closer)

A quiet revolution is taking place in the world of hydropower. Our cover story looks at the emerging non-dam hydro industry, which holds the promise of economically viable technologies that do not deplete resources or warm the planet, and do not wipe out species, ecosystems and cultures. Read the full story.

This special issue also looks at an ambitious new solar plan for India, China's burgeoning energy efficiency efforts, community-driven power projects in Africa and Latin America, and a host of science-fiction-like technology developments that hold promise for the world of green energy (and for the world in general!). 

    Hydro's Future: A new wave of hydro without dams holds huge potential
    : A tribute to Glenn Switkes, Amazon defender
    Making Waves
    : News and notes on the worldwide movement to protect rivers
    China: The world's biggest energy user is fast becoming the world's best energy saver
    Fast Facts
    : China's ambitious renewable energy program by the numbers
    : Off-grid communities are building renewable energy supply for themselves
    : A community explores an innovative small hydro project
    Solar Thermal
    : Solar thermal is leading the renewable energy charge
    Renewables Roundup: Recent advancements in green energy no longer a sci-fi fantasy
    India: The government has approved the first phase of a solar mega-project
    News Briefs: All the river news that's fit to print
    Interview: Alison Jones, photographer, talks about her "No Water, No Life" project to protect watersheds

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