Spreadsheet of Hydro Projects in the CDM Project Pipeline

This excel spreadsheet database of hydro projects in the CDM project pipeline was created for International Rivers by Ben Docker. It can be downloaded below in complete form.

As of March 2013: 

2,476 hydro projects with an installed capacity of 244,711 MW were registered or seeking registration with the CDM.

1606 (73,387 MW) of these hydro projects are in China.

1,240 (233,904 MW) of the total hydro projects were large projects according to the CDM definition (greater than 15MW capacity).

145.76 million CERs have so far been issued across 670 projects.

The UNEP Risoe Center maintains a database of projects of all types in the CDM pipeline. Numbers may vary, as total projects from the Risoe spreadsheet excludes rejected projects.