Pianporn Deetes, Living Rivers Siam, Thailand

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

email: pai@loxinfo.co.th
cell: +66 81 422 0111

Personal background

Ms. Pianporn Deetes is the coordinator of the Living River Siam and has been working on transboundary environmental issues in Mainland Southeast Asia for over seven years.

NGO, movement or network

Living River Siam is a campaign-based organization, working to support local community rights to their rivers, and to oppose threats to rivers and riverine ecosystems in Thailand, the Mekong, and Salween River Basins, such as large dams and water diversion projects. Living River Siam also coordinates the Thai dam-affected people’s network under the Assembly of the Poor, a national network of communities affected by dams and water resource development.

Current campaigns

Hydropower and water diversion in the Salween Basin which is shared by China,
Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand. The Salween is the longest free-flowing river in the region. Dams and diversion will create adverse impacts on ecosystems as well as 13 groups of ethnic minorities living in this marginalized basin.

Hydropower and water diversion in the Mekong River, Southeast Asia’s longest river. Hydropower projects in the upper reaches are already damaging ecosystems in downstream areas. Large-scale water development, particularly in the lower basin, will inevitably affect aquatic resources including 1,300 fish species, on which millions depend for their livelihoods.

Personal comment on your campaign effort

Large-scale water resource development in Mainland Southeast Asia has been promoted by governments and the private sector, ignoring the rights of local communities who depend on water resources for their livelihoods. A comprehensive regional assessment of options for energy and water supply is urgently needed.