China's Global Role in Dam Building

Chinese companies and Chinese banks are now the biggest builders and financiers of global dam building. Chinese banks and companies are involved in some 330 dams in 74 different countries, particularly in Africa and Southeast Asia, including Kamchay Dam (Cambodia), Bakun Dam (Sarawak, Malaysia), Myitsone Dam (Burma) and Merowe Dam (Sudan).

As a result China has a growing and significant global environmental footprint. Many dams built by China overseas are done so without reference to international environmental and social standards. Information and data is also difficult to obtain given the lack of transparency around Chinese overseas. As a result China has a growing and significant global environmental footprint.

International Rivers works with its partners to communicate the experiences of the international movement for "people, water, and life" to new dam financiers and dam builders in China.

We have focused on the China Export-Import Bank (China Exim Bank) the country's official export credit agency, who is the most important source of funds for Chinese dam projects overseas. China Exim Bank recently provided improved environmental and social guidelines for domestic and overseas loan projects.

We also focus on major Chinese companies involved in overseas dam building including the world's largest dam builder and the Chinese state owned Sinohydro Corporation . We have also complied information on the corporate responsibility commitments and environmental policies of Gezhouba, China Guodian, Datang, Huaneng, Three Gorges Project Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation - who have all emerged as global dam builders in recent years.

International Rivers' China Global Campaign provides information about China's role in global dam building, supports groups in countries affected by Chinese dams, and fosters a dialogue within China about the responsibilities of Chinese dam builders.