2012: US and Canada

Canada, United States


Demonstrations Against Septic Sludge Lagoons

On March 25th, for the Day of Action for Rivers and World Water Day, Canadian locals held a benefit concert for the Gatineau River and called on elected officials to stop plans to build septic sludge lagoons which would drain into the river.

Sign the petition: http://savethegatineau.com/?p=413


United States

African Drumming and Dance Performance at the Marsh
African Drumming and Dance Performance at the Marsh

Take Back Our Rivers - Occupy the Marsh on March 14th

International Rivers hosted an event in solidarity with all the communities around the world participating in the Day of Action for Rivers.  There was a screening of A River Runs Through Us, a spectacular slam poetry performance, African drumming and dance, food and drink, and more.

When: March 14th, 6-9 pm
Where: The Marsh Theater, 2120 Allston Way, Berkeley

Watch a video of the performances!

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More information:
Katherine Brousseau
Day of Action for Rivers Intern, International Rivers

Campaign Against Susitna Dam in Alaska

Actions were held to raise awareness and protest the proposed Susitna Dam.

The Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives is actively fighting the proposed Susitna Watana Hydro project which will be the largest dam built in the US since the contentious Glen Canyon Dam.The proposed Susitna dam would be 700-880 feet tall impounding 22,000 acres of prime caribou, moose and grizzly bear habitat. The Susitna River hosts Alaska's fourth largest king salmon run as well as all five species of salmon.

More information:

Whitney Wolff

Virtual Rally Against Transmission Line Project on Delaware River 

A coalition of national, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania based environmental groups came together on the International Day of Action for Rivers to hold a virtual rally to protect the Delaware River from a transmission line expansion project. The Susquehanna-Roseland upgrade project would place almost 200 ft tall towers across the Middle Scenic and Recreational Delaware River, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and the Appalachian Trail. The National Park Service is currently preparing an environmental review on the project as part of the permitting process and it expected to announce its "preferred alternative" by the end of the month. The coalition held a virtual rally, sending out a Change.org petition to our members on March 14th asking President Obama and DOI Sec Salazar to support the No Build Alternative to the SR project and stop the line from crossing the Delaware River.

The petition:

Kate Millsaps
Program Assistant
NJ Chapter of the Sierra Club

Please email us with your plans for this year's International Day of Action For Rivers at dayofaction@internationalrivers.org.