UN Suspends Another CDM Auditor - SGS

Lightening over London
Lightening over London
Lightening never strikes the same place twice...except when you're a CDM auditor with problems that just won't take cover.

After our very own thunderstorm in the Bay Area this weekend, I awoke to the news that yet another CDM auditor, this time SGS UK, has been suspended for bad practice according to The Sunday Times. SGS seems to be carrying on the (in)glorious tradition started by DNV, which was suspended last year. SGS's suspension also follows closely in the footsteps of the recent WWF scorecard that gave all the major auditors a failing grade, including an E for SGS.  

Among the official reasons shared with media was that SGS, one of the world's largest CDM auditors, was unable to prove its staff had properly vetted projects that were later approved for the CDM, or even that they were qualified to do so. However, from monitoring so many CDM hydro projects over the years, we know that the real problems with CDM projects are often much more serious, harmful, and abusive. 

Regardless the official reasons, this is still a serious blow (and somewhat humiliating) for CDM credit buyers and lawmakers, especially in the lead-up to the December climate talks in Copenhagen. As we report live from Copenhagen later this year, you can be sure that these problems will not be quickly forgotten. Lightening storms never are.

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