Drowning the Land of the Ancestors

Denise Simbi
Thursday, June 2, 2016

Governments often promise their people benefits that never materialize. 

In Sudan, years after the government promised to supply electricity to its Nubian people– after convincing them that hydropower is clean energy – the affected people have found themselves with electricity poles...but still no power. In fact, the Nubian people are doing more for their communities than the government is.

Now the government is offering more big promises in the form of the Dal and Kajbar dams. These dams, if constructed, will bring more instability to communities in an area where agricultural land has already deteriorated significantly. If dam construction commences, they stand to live the rest of their lives facing tragic water shortages and dead land, like their fellow Nubians in Amri.

Recent protests resulted in violence. Some community members were killed by the police, and more people are prepared to die if that’s what it takes for their case to be heard.

Please take a moment to learn more about the Nubian people’s fight to preserve their ancestral lands, save their cherished livelihoods, and keep their rivers free.