Toolkit for Educators: Climate Change, Rivers and Dams

Friday, March 30, 2012

Glacial lakes in Bhutan
Glacial lakes in Bhutan

International Rivers has created a toolkit, Climate Change, Rivers and Dams: A Video Exploration, for educators and community leaders around the issue of dams, rivers and climate change. This toolkit includes a lesson plan that features the "Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers" 3-D Google Earth video, which uses Google Earth to visualize what might happen to the world's major rivers when climate change and the current dam-building boom collide. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the role of dam-building in a changing global environment from a systems-level prospective, at times taking on the role of different stakeholders to understand the complexity of the problem. This toolkit includes the video, extension ideas, and links to additional resources.


What's Inside


Download the fullToolkit in English:

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We would particularly like to hear about how this lesson plan was implemented in your classroom, your evaluation of its content, and how your students went beyond this lesson to explore local and/or global issues around rivers, dams and climate change.

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This toolkit was made possible by the generous support of Artists Project Earth and the Clif Bar Family Foundation. Special thanks to Sabine Johnson-Reiser, Mark Lindberg, and Jennifer Saltzman for their expert review.