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Damocracy the Movie

Monday, April 22, 2013
Damocracy is a film about the cultural and natural heritage the world could lose if two controversial large-scale dams are built despite widespread opposition and resistance – the Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon and the Ilisu Dam in southeast Turkey.

International Court Finds Guatemala Guilty for Rio Negro Massacres

Carlos Chen Osorio, who lost his wife and two toddler daughters in the massacre, leads the row during the Via Crucis
Carlos Chen Osorio, who lost his wife and two toddler daughters in the massacre, leads the row during the Via Crucis. Photo by James Rodriguez For more than 20 years, the Maya-Achi people displaced by the Chixoy Dam have sought justice for the massacre of their husbands, wives and children that took place during Guatamala's civil war in the early 1980s. Last week their years of effort were finally recognized when the Inter-American Court on Human Rights found Guatemala guilty of the violation of human rights against the communities of Rio Negro. “After so many years struggling to seek justi

Ongoing Problems Faced by Communities Affected by Nam Song and Nam Leuk Dams

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Oct. 24, 2012 Anthony Jude, Director Energy Division, Southeast Asia Department Asian Development Bank 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines Re: Nam Song and Nam Leuk Hydropower Projects, Lao PDR Dear Mr. Jude, I am writing to follow up on the implementation of the Nam Song-Nam Leuk Environmental Mitigation Plan and review missions conducted by the ADB. In March 2012, an International Rivers’ consultant conducted a site visit to eight villages affected by the Nam Song Dam and three villages affected by the Nam Leuk Dam to assess the state of the mitigation plans. In light of

Letter to THPC About Ongoing Concerns of Affected Communities

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Robert Allen Jr. General Manager Theun-Hinboun Power Company Ltd. P.O. Box 3382 Vientiane, Lao PDR RE: Concerns about Theun-Hinboun Expansion Project Relocation and Resettlement Sites Dear Mr. Allen, I am writing to follow up on THPC’s response to the letter International Rivers sent to you on February 3, 2012 and to communicate unresolved matters of concern reported to International Rivers by headmen and villagers in the relocation sites of Ban Phousaat, Ban Tha, Ban Phoumakgneng, Ban Thasala (new and old sites), the resettlement site of Ban Nongxong, and affected villages in Zones 3B and

Hasta la Victoria: La Parota Dam Cancelled

Families gathered by the Río Papagayo in solidarity against the construction of La Parota Dam for the March 14, 2011 International Day of Action for Rivers.
After nearly 10 years of campaigning, La Parota Dam was officially cancelled. This is an amazing victory for the communities in Mexico – especially the Council of Communal Land Owners and Communities Against Construction of La Parota Dam (CECOP) – who have been fighting the project from the beginning, and the larger movement in Latin America fighting to protect their rivers and human rights.

Indigenous Protestors Maintain Belo Monte Occupation

Word came early this morning that hundreds of indigenous people continue to occupy the Belo Monte Dam construction site.

Statement by Indigenous Leader on Occupation of the Belo Monte Pimental Dam site

Indigenous protestors at Pimental coffer dam, Belo Monte dam site,
Statement by Mukuku Xikrin, indigenous spokesperson on Day 10 of the occupation of Pimental coffer dam, Belo Monte. "Today we are in day 10 of the occupation.We had the meeting on Thursday with Norte Energia but did not reach any agreement..."

World Heritage Rivers Under Threat

International Rivers and our partners are calling on the World Heritage Committee and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre to document the risks that large dams pose to World Heritage Sites and raise awareness among member states of the global dam threat to our world heritage.

Amazonian Indigenous Peoples Occupy Belo Monte Dam Site

Friday, June 22, 2012
Altamira, Brazil – Indigenous peoples affected by the controversial Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon have occupied a coffer dam that cuts across channels of the river since June 21.

Thank You for Helping to Protect World Heritage Rivers

Thanks to every one of you who voted in our World Heritage photo contest and took action! Not only do we have the top three photos, but the World Heritage Centre has also issued a positive response to your more than 200 letters, along with publishing their recommended decisions for the 36th Committee meeting.


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