Ecuador's most spectacular waterfall threatened by Chinese-funded hydroelectric project

A massive new Chinese-funded hydroelectric project now threatens Ecuador's San Rafael Falls, one of the truly great waterfalls of the world. CONTACT: Matt Finer, Save America's Forests: 202-544-9219, Matthew Terry, Napo River Foundation: (593-9) 444-8277, In early June, the Export-Import Bank of China, after a long and rocky negotiation period, succeeded in signing a $1.68 billion loan to Ecuador for the construction of the 1,500 MW Coca-Codo Sinclair Hydroelectric Project. Last week, the Chinese contractor Sinohydro officially started

Information prepared by SPDA on dams in the Peruvian Amazon

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Why does Peru want to give away its hidroenergy potential in the Amazon to Brazil? Information on dams proposed in the Amazon and other available alternative energy sources in Peru. The document also points out what was not included in the Energy Agreement signed between Peru and Brazil on June, 2010. Prepared by Sociedad Peruana de Defensa Ambiental. Download document in Spanish

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International Day of Action to Cancel Zapotillo - November 10

Protest at El Zapotillo Dam Site
Protest at El Zapotillo Dam Site Thank you to everyone who took action on November 10th.Please see the Report Back From International Day of Action for information, photos and videos of actions taken around the world. During Rivers for Life 3, the residents of Temacapulín called for an international day of solidarity to stop El Zapotillo Dam on November 10, 2010. They are asking communities and NGOs to organize peaceful actions at their nearest Mexican Embassy or Consulate to demand the cancellation of this destructive project. El Zapotillo Dam is being constructed on the Río Verde in Me

Rivers for Life 3 Photos and Videos

Below is a selection of photos and video from Rivers for Life 3. Check out our Rivers for Life 3 photo set to see the whole collection via the Flickr slideshow. Videos produced at Rivers for Life 3 by participants. Watch on YouTube Watch on YouTube

Rivers for Life 3 - Temacapulín, Mexico

Dam-affected people from across the planet congregated from October 1-7, 2010 in the small village of Temacapulín, Mexico for Rivers for Life 3. They joined hundreds of allies from NGOs and other groups to strengthen the international movement to protect rivers and human rights. International Rivers staff and our many partners, including the on-the-ground organizing team at IMDEC, are thrilled that years of planning culminated in this amazing event. Below is information about this incredible gathering. Read Peter's fantastic wrap up of the event, "A Global Grassroots Movement in Action."Read

The Eyes of the World Are Watching Temaca

All over the world, people are displaced, communities are shattered and ecosystems are devastated when destructive dams are built. But we are fighting back to defend our rivers and their rights. The Eyes of the World Are Watching Temaca (Paris) Comite Salvemos Temaca, Acasico y Palmarejo October 1-7, 2010, the town of Temacapulín – called "Temaca" by its residents – hosted Rivers for Life 3: The Third International Meeting of Dam-Affected People and Their Allies. Why did Rivers for Life 3 take place in Temaca? Because this beautiful, historic town is threatened by an unnecessary pr

Interview with Daniel Kammen, new World Bank Clean-energy czar

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Getting to a Green Energy Future Daniel Kammen has just been appointed "clean energy czar" at the World Bank – a first for the bank. Currently a Professor at UC Berkeley, Dan has shared his time in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG), the Goldman School of Public Policy and the Department of Nuclear Engineering. He is also the founding Director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL), and is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We interviewed him on a variety of energy-related topics in June 2010. Here are a few excerpts. International Rivers: How ha


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Comments on the Bonyic Hydroelectric Project (Panama)

Saturday, September 4, 2010
Submitted to the Colombian Institute for Technical Standards and Certification (CITSC)The Bonyic Hydroelectric Project should not be eligible to receive CDM credits because the project is non-additional, has numerous adverse environmental and social impacts, and did not properly inform project-affected people. Construction already began in October 2007, prior to the proposed project validation date, so it cannot be considered additional. If the project really depended on the sale of carbon credits to be viable, then the project would not be able to start until validation of the project by the


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