Proposals to Democratize Energy Planning in Brazil

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
A summary of proposals put forward by the Alliance in Defense of the Rivers of the Amazon in a letter to President Dilma. Read a full version of the letter to President Dilma1. Democratize energy planning, making it transparent and participatory by creating opportunities for debate and dialogue between government and society in decision-making processes, and by facilitating participation of social movements, NGOs and the academic community. 2. Ensure the adoption of a broad perspective in planning the energy matrix, with special attention to energy efficiency, broadening the range of a

World Bank Energy Strategy Promotes Large Dams

Protest against the World Bank's Sardar Sarovar Dam in India
Protest against the World Bank's Sardar Sarovar Dam in India Large hydropower projects have sold poor people and the environment down the river. They are usually built to provide benefits to urban middle classes and industrial centers rather than the poor, have serious environmental impacts, and are not resilient to climate change. In spite of their bad track record, the World Bank wants to increase lending for large dams in its new Energy Strategy. The new Energy Strategy will be discussed by the Bank’s Board members in April 2011. It will guide the future lending priorities of the most

Chixoy Peaceful March for Reparations

Maya-Achí children at Chixoy Dam Reservoir
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Maya-Achí children at Chixoy Dam Reservoir Monti Aguirre Thousands of Chixoy Dam affected people held a peaceful march on March 17 in Guatemala City to protest the government's delay in signing an executive order that would make binding a Reparations Plan for communities. The landmark agreement to give communities reparations for their losses was signed by the government in 2010.  The Chixoy Dam struggle dates back to the 1970s when construction started on the Chixoy Dam, and the lives of the Maya-Achi indigenous peoples were utterly transformed. Displaced, impoverished and disrespect

China’s Government Proposes New Dam Building Spree

Baoshan Village on the upper Yangtze River
Monday, February 28, 2011
Baoshan Village on the upper Yangtze River Li Hong Update: China's State Council announces blueprint for dam construction that includes controversial projects like the Nu/Salween cascade and the Xiaonanhai Dam. Under its 12th Five-Year Plan, the Chinese government proposes to build 120 gigawatts of new hydropower plants on the Nu/Salween, Lancang/Upper Mekong, Jinsha/Upper Yangtze, and the Yarlung Tsangpo (which becomes the Brahmaputra). This equals more than one new Three Gorges Dam every year for the next five years, and is more than any other country has built in its entire history. China

Internacional de los Ríos en Español

Misión Internacional de los Ríos "es la protección de los ríos y defender los derechos de las comunidades que dependen de ellos. Nos oponemos a las represas destructivas y el modelo de desarrollo que avanzan, y fomentar una mejor manera las necesidades de la gente reunión para el agua, la energía y la protección contra las inundaciones perjudiciales. Para lograr esta misión, colaborar con una red mundial de comunidades locales, movimientos sociales, organizaciones no gubernamentales y otros asociados. A través de la investigación, la educación y la promoción, International Ri

International Rivers em Português

International Rivers mantem varias campanhas em todo o mundo, inclusive no Brasil. Nosso trabalho se enfoca principalmente em parar as barragens mais destrutivas, que ameaçam os rios e as pessoas que dependem deles.  Mas não somente isso; também promovemos melhoras nos normas internacionais de financiamento para infraestrutura e a mudança climática, e soluções inovadoras para o abastecimento da energia e da água. Aqui está um dos mais atuais exemplos do nosso trabalho em Brasil: Animação em 3-D com narração de Dira Paes mostra impactos de Belo Monte e de mais 60 hidrelétricas

El Día Internacional De Acción Por Los Ríos

Rasi Salai Dam Decommissioning, Day of Action For Rivers
Monday, February 14, 2011
¡ACOMPÁÑENOS EL 14 DE MARZO!El 14 de marzo se llevará a cabo el Día Internacional de Acción por los Ríos. Falta tan solo un mes, pero aun hay tiempo para planificar su propia acción y/o participar en un evento que ya ha sido planificado. Rasi Salai Dam Decommissioning, Day of Action For Rivers Ya hemos escuchado de acciones que se van a realizar en 12 países diferentes, incluyendo un festival, talleres artísticos y obras de teatro en Costa Rica, un día de gracias por los ríos al lado del Rio SeSan en Cambodia, y un día de limpieza en el cual los niños van a limpiar el Rio Ika

Michelle Kwon

Michelle Kwon
Michelle Kwon Michelle Kwon is a bay area native and currently performs with San Francisco-based Delphi Trio, a classical piano trio dedicated to promoting classical music in friendly and open chamber music settings. Kwon holds B.A. and M.M. degrees in Violoncello Performance from Stanford University and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and studied with Christopher Costanza and Jennifer Culp. Kwon has collaborated with many artists, including Issac Perlman, Menahem Pressler, and the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble. Recently, she has performed at Carnegie Hall, and plays regularly with the

Linda Butler

Carpenter and his family, 2001
Carpenter and his family, 2001 Photo by Linda Butler Linda Butler has worked as an independent art-photographer for more than 25 years and is known for her explorations of other cultures. Her most recent book, Yangtze Remembered: The River Beneath the Lake (Stanford University Press, 2004), is an historical document of the Three Gorges Dam project in China. During a three-year period (from 2000 - 2003), Butler made eight trips to China. Most recently, she completed her ninth trip in March 2010, and currently has one of the most extensive archives of before-and-after photographs of the river

Jeff Kelley

Liu Xiaodong in Action
Liu Xiaodong in Action Photo by Jeff Kelley Jeff Kelley has been a practicing art critic since 1977. He has written reviews and essays for such publications as Artforum, Art in America, and the Los Angeles Times. From 1993 - 2005 he taught Art Theory and Criticism at the University of California, Berkeley, and edited/authored two books on Allan Kaprow published by the University of California Press. Kelley was also the Consulting Curator of Contemporary Art at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco from 1998 - 2008, where he organized the exhibition on Liu Xiaodong ("The Three Gorges Pro


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