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NGOs Demand World Bank Investigation Into Massacres

Thursday, May 9, 1996
Report Reveals 376 Murdered After Resisting Eviction International Rivers and Witness for Peace International Rivers and human rights group Witness for Peace have today written to World Bank President James Wolfensohn calling for an independent investigation into World Bank involvement with Guatemala’s Chixoy Dam. A recent report from Witness for Peace* reveals that between 1980 and 1982 some 376 people, mostly women and children, were brutally murdered in a series of massacres when they resisted eviction from their village of Río Negro to make way for the Chixoy Reservoir.

The Chixoy Declaration

Friday, October 21, 2005
The Latin American Network against Dams and for Rivers, their Communities, and Water Colonia El Naranjo, Cubulco, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala From the lands of Chixoy, the river whose waters carry the blood of 444 Guatemalan farmers - indigenous people, women, youth, children, and elders who resisted the construction of the dam and for this reason were massacred in 1982 by the repressive Guatemalan military. 418 representatives of Indigenous and Black populations, women, farmers, and representatives of social organizations, environmental groups, religious institutions, human rights groups, organiz

Save Mabira Crusade Press Statement on Emerging Events Following the April 12th Mabira Demonstration

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
A statement by Save Mabira Crusade following the arrest of civil society leaders. On the 12th April 2007, the Save Mabira Crusade in fraternity with the general public comprising of all civil society organizations, religious affiliations, political orientations, academicians, students, traders, legislators, women and men of Uganda and the global citizens residing in Uganda conducted the largest ever peaceful demonstration by Ugandans in defense of Mabira forest. On the13th April 2007, the Save Mabira Crusade issued a press statement condemning in the strongest terms the killings, looting, maim

Damming Burma’s War Zone: Proposed Salween Dams Cement Military Control Over Ethnic Peoples

Sunday, October 1, 2006
The Salween River - Southeast Asia's longest undammed river - supports a wealth of biological and cultural diversity. Its rich natural resources support up to 10 million people from its headwaters in China to its estuary in Mon State, Burma. But its days as a productive natural lifeline may be numbered in Burma, where the repressive military dictatorship is conspiring with the Thai government, Thai investors and Chinese dam builders to build a series of large dams in civil war zones in Burma. The dam cascade, secretly negotiated over the past decade, will be built in an area where peoples

Human Rights Dammed Off at Three Gorges

Wednesday, January 1, 2003
This eyewitness report published by International Rivers Network documents resettlement and human rights problems at the Three Gorges Dam, published in January 2003.

Striking Lesotho Dam Workers Killed by Police - NGOs Urge World Bank to Take Action

Thursday, September 26, 1996
Five workers were shot dead and some 30 injured when police evicted striking workers from a Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) construction camp in Lesotho on September 14. For at least a week after the killings, up to 1,000 workers remained in a nearby Catholic church where they had sought refuge after the bloody encounter. The World Bank has loaned $110 million for the Katse Dam, the first to be built in the multi–dam water transfer scheme, and is currently considering making loans for a second, Mohale Dam. It also lent $8 million in concessionary loans for project design. The pr


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