Dams and Mining

Aluminum smelting
Download Foiling the Aluminum Industry, our 2005 activist toolkitAluminum is a versatile material familiar to nearly everyone on the planet, and is used in airplanes and automobiles; in kitchen foils and pots and pans; for beverage cans and restaurant takeout trays; in window frames and electrical wiring; and for baseball bats and bicycles. Its many qualities have made it an ever–growing presence in consumer items worldwide. Aluminum smelting However, aluminum’s apparent cheap economic cost belies the high environmental costs of its mining and refining: forests destroyed, water

Xingu River

The Xingu River flows from the tropical savanna of central Mato Grosso, Brazil northward to the Amazon for 1,979 km (1,230 miles). Some 25,000 indigenous people from 18 distinct ethnic groups live along the Xingu. In 1989, an international mobilization led by the Kayapó Indians stopped state-owned electric company Eletronorte´s plans to construct a six-dam complex on the Xingu and its tributary, the Iriri. Map of the Rivers of the Amazon Wikipedia Commons In 2016, Brazil completed construction of a huge dam on the Xingu River, called Belo Monte. Belo Monte will be the third-largest hydroel


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