Protest to Stop HidroAysen - Join Us!

Patagonia Sin Represas! Protest in San Francisco to Stop HidroAysen!

The past few weeks have been an amazing time of environmental consciousness, democracy and popular uprising in Chile, all focused on stopping the HidroAysén dams project in Patagonia.

A new poll shows that 74% of Chileans are against this project, and they've taken to the streets all over the country to demand that their government respect their wishes and cancel the illegal, unnecessary and outdated project.

On Friday and Saturday, the 20th and 21st of May, there will be massive protests all over Chile in support of a Patagonia Sin Represas. We are also going to have a solidarity event in San Francisco to call on the Chilean government to respect the wishes of its people and cancel HidroAysén.


International Rivers, Bay Area based Chileans and concerned supporters of Patagonia, local communities, alternative/renewable energy and democracy in Chile.


A peaceful manifestación and cacerolazo to call attention to this popular movement in Chile to stop the damming of Patagonia. As per the request of the Chilean movement, we must respond strongly yet peacefully.


Consulate General of Chile in San Francisco
870 Market Street
San Francisco, CA


Meet at 8:30am with banners in hand.

What to bring

Banners, posters, flyers, pots and pans and other noisemakers for the cacerolazo.

Suggested messages for signs, t-shirts and banners

No Dams in Patagonia

Let us know you are coming, RSVP on Facebook.