Film: Patagoinia Rising, San Francisco Premiere

Patagonia Rising is coming to San Francisco!

Come see the film. Get inspired. Help the filmmakers raise some money for their outreach efforts in Chile and beyond.

  • What: Patagonia Rising – The San Francisco Premiere!
  • When: Wednesday June 8, 8pm
  • Where: The Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th St @ Capp, San Francisco, CA

Tickets:   $10

Filmmaker Q and A after the show

After party – TBA

Deep in the heart of Patagonia, Chile flow two of the world’s purest rivers, the Baker and Pascua. Fed by vast glacial systems, these free-flowing watersheds drive biodiversity in temperate rainforests, estuaries and marine ecosystems. They are also the life source for Patagonia’s most tenacious residents. Gauchos, the iconic South American cowboys, endure relentless winds and long winters on remote ranches in these river valleys.

Over the past century more than 45,000 large dams have redefined the course and health of the planet’s rivers with disastrous impacts that continue to unfold. Tracing the hydrologic cycle of the Baker from ice to ocean, Patagonia Rising brings voice to the frontier people caught in the crossfire of Chile’s energy demands. Juxtaposing the pro-dam business sector with renewable energy experts, the documentary will bring awareness and solutions to this global conflict over water and power.

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