Keep the Green Climate Fund Clean

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Climate change is real and it’s happening now. The impacts are already being felt by millions of people and communities around the world – but the burden weighs most heavily on the poor and marginalized people in developing countries.

That’s why 195 countries came together to create the Green Climate Fund under the United Nations Climate Convention – to help finance the transition in developing countries from ‘business as usual’ dirty energy development to clean energy, climate-resilient economies. It's one of the best chances we have to fund climate change solutions.

Two men protest to keep the Green Climate Fund clean in Bali. Feb, 2014
Two men protest to keep the Green Climate Fund clean in Bali. Feb, 2014
Photo courtesy of Institute for Policy Studies

But the Green Climate Fund is under threat. There’s nothing (yet) in the Fund’s rules to stop it from financing false solutions like “clean” coal, natural gas fracking, destructive dams, or even nuclear power in the name of “low-emissions” energy. In fact, some members of the Fund’s board want it to pay for unproven technologies like carbon capture and sequestration, and “fuel switching” – a code for carrying on using fossil fuels that are just a little less dirty.

But it’s not too late to act. The GCF board members will meet May 18-21, so now is the time to be heard!

For the sake of our families, our communities and our planet, we have to keep the Green Climate Fund clean.