World Rivers Review - September 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

World Rivers Review, September, 2011 coverThe cover story of this issue of World Rivers Review reports on the phenomenon known as "land grabbing," in which huge tracts of land are being converted to industrial agricultural schemes by outside investors. Land grabs are sweeping Africa, bringing serious consequences for rivers and the communities who depend on them.

Other highlights: In Nepal, activists score a victory on protecting the Seti River. Just across the border, hydro is booming in Northeast India, and locals are fighting back to protect water resources. In Peru activists are gearing up to fight a push for big dam projects in the Amazon. And the biggest US dam proposed in decades has Alaskans gearing up for a fight.

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Featured articles:

Africa For Sale
Alaska Proposes Massive Dam on Wild River

Civil Society Pressures UN and EU Over Carbon Credits
Commentary by our new Executive Director
"Green" New Deal Projects Threaten Korea's Rivers and Tidal Flats

Nepal Dam’s Future Uncertain
Listening to Communities on Dam Building in Peru

Also in this issue:

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World Heritage Sites Endangered by Dams
Is No Stream Safe for North India's Dam Boom?
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