Organizing Commission Regrets Wounding of Eletrobrás Official

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Official Press Statement

The organizing commission of the Xingu Alive Forever Encounter regrets the incident in which a representative of the state electric company, Eletrobrás, suffered an attack that left him wounded. The representative is the coordinator of studies for Belo Monte Hydroelectric Dam. He was wounded after making a presentation today at the Xingu Encounter in Altamira, Brazilian Amazon.

The Xingu Encounter has brought together representatives of indigenous communities, river bank dwellers, farmers and social movements to discuss hydroelectric projects planned for the Xingu basin. This extremely unfortunate incident does not represent the democratic spirit of debate of this gathering, which seeks to give a voice to all actors and social segments involved in and affected by these projects.

- Organizing Commission of the Xingu Alive Forever Encounter