Dams, Rivers and Rights

A Guide for Communities in Laos Affected by Dams

The government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic has announced its plans to build close to 30 new dams by 2020.  This guide, written in a popular style and in Lao language, contains information for dam-affected people, NGO staff and other interested people about dams, their impacts and what communities can do to protect their rights. 

The aim of this action guide is to share information about what to expect if a dam is built in your area. To help understand Lao laws about planning and operating dams, including compensation for affected people and to give ideas about what you can do to protect yourself and your community from harm.

What's Inside:

  • General information on dams, including how they work, who benefits, and what some of the risks are.
  • The impacts of dams on communities and natural resources.
  • Information on Lao laws related to dams, including resettlement and environmental impact assessment laws, and ideas for how communities affected by dams can protect their rights.

Download the PDF version of: "Dams, Rivers and Rights: A Guide for Communities in Laos Affected by Dams "

More information: 

For hard copies of the guide please contact Kate Ross: kross@internationalrivers.org.