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The Mekong River and the millions of people it supports are now in jeopardy. In the next few months, regional governments will make a decision about whether to proceed with plans to build the Xayaburi Dam in northern Laos, the first of eleven dams planned for the Lower Mekong Mainstream.The Xayaburi Dam threatens the lives and food security of millions of people. The Mekong River is home to the world's most productive freshwater fishery and is a vital resource for the entire Mekong Region.

Scientists agree that the Xayaburi Dam would have severe environmental, social and economic impacts in the region, impacts which cannot be mitigated.

There are still critical knowledge gaps in understanding the dam's far-reaching impacts and the Mekong River Commission's own Strategic Impact Assessment calls for a 10-year deferment of all decisions about whether to proceed with Mekong Mainstream Dams, allowing time for more studies to be done.

In April, regional governments delayed a decision on the Xayaburi Dam, largely because of the huge public opposition to the dam expressed by civil society groups, NGOs and individuals throughout the region and the world.

It is critical that we again make our voices heard. Please sign the petition urging the Prime Minister's of Laos and Thailand to cancel the Xayaburi Dam in northern Laos.

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