Tiger Leaping Gorge Dam

China's State Development and Reform Commission has in the past considered the proposed Tiger Leaping Gorge Dam a priority for hydropower development. One of a series of eight dams planned on the middle portion of the Jinsha River (Upper Yangtze) by the Yunnan Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., the dam would have a capacity of 2.8 megawatts and a height of 276 meters. If built, it would flood the spectacular and much visited Tiger Leaping Gorge and forcibly displace 100,000 mostly Naxi minority farmers from their lands. The South China Morning Post reported in December 2007 that the project had been scrapped "following a rare public outcry" and that instead, a different dam called Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge Dam would be built 200 kilometers upstream in a predominantly Tibetan region. Dam developers have also proposed two smaller dams at Qizhong and Tuoding as an alternative plan. The movement to stop Tiger Leaping Gorge was documented in the film Waking the Green Tiger.

More information: 

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Dam Construction and the Rights of Original Inhabitants to Participation - "The Relationship Between Dam Construction and the Rights of Original Inhabitants to Participation", submitted to the United Nations Symposium on Hydropower and Sustainable Development by Ge Quanxiao, villager affected by Hutiaoxia Dam, Wuzhu Village, Yunnan Province, China, October 2004.

Hutiaoxia Petition - Petition calls for protection of Tiger Leaping Gorge and 3 Parallel Rivers World Heritage area and for careful approach to development, September 2004.